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5.0 Star Rating!

If you're lucky enough to get Brenda Palm you are in for a treat!
Her stories connect to the material, she has great tips to CYA, and she is obviously well experienced.
I will continue to use Academy of Notaries Public - great material and many options for locations to take the course.


This is the second time I've used the 6-hour Online Course to renew my commission which shows how much I enjoyed it. The first time I passed with a 96; this time I passed with 100! I've taken the live seminars in the past and I find that I score better with the online course as there are reviews and practice exams available. Thanks!


“Thank you, Brenda! I wanted to let you know that I received a score of 97 on my exam! Taking the course with you gave me the extra boost of confidence I needed. Thanks again! Respectfully, PB.”


“Well, I am so surprised. Passed with a 96. Your prep tests and work material works. Thank you for your patience with me and all of your help.”


"Great instruction and extremely helpful materials. I passed my exam and I am ready to get to work! Thanks Brenda for all your time and knowledge."


"I received my test results and I scored a 100% on the exam. This is the highest I have ever scored! Thank you for the very helpful and informative course."


Your course was great! The result speaks for itself -- 25 correct (out of 25) on your pre-exam quiz and 100% on the actual Notary Exam. Thanks for everything.


"Hi!!! I'm excited to let you know I passed my notary test!! The class was great! It didn't feel like 6 hours, it was actually fun. Thank you so much!!" E.D.


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"Hi Brenda, I passed! Thank you so much for your help in understanding the materials and the ease of completing the steps of this process all at one class. This was a great service and I appreciate your efforts on my behalf. Sincerely, " M.B.

“I took the 3 hour refresher course with Brenda. She was very engaging and made the class interesting. She explained the material in a way that was very easy to understand. I passed with a 92% Thank you!!” S.O.

“I took your 3-hour refresher course and I wasn't very confident after taking the test, but figured I only needed 70. I ended up with a score of 97. [Of course, I have no idea what question(s) I answered incorrectly.] Thank you for your help!” K.R.

"Hello, I just found out I passed the notary exam! I took your course and the exam. I appreciated the professionalism and convenience of the class and will certainly let others know about the program. Best, D. M."

"Hello, just wanted to share that I got a 90 on the test and just got my commission today. Thank you again for all of your help! Regards, E.M."

"For those unable to attend a live class, or who prefer self-study, the Academy of Notaries Public offers a great home study course. The course is written in an easy to read and follow manner and covers everything that is covered in the live classes and highlights the most important items a notary must remember. I particularly liked the quizzes at the end of each section and the final quiz at the end. Scattered throughout the course are some lighthearted stories and cartoons, too. Overall, it is a great way to prepare for the state exam and is a good reference to keep on your bookshelf. Thank you, Brenda." LE

"The trip was a little much, but I must say Daniel Palm was worth the drive. As a first timer he made the class interesting and was able to address all personalities. It was a pleasure to see such a young man rise to the occasion. I will continue to make the same drive to attend classes as long as Daniel remains the instructor. His professionalism and sense of humor were amazing. I passed the class with a score of 80. If he can teach someone my age he can teach anyone." VML

"Hi, thank you for leading such a great class. I passed with an 87%. I had no issues staying focused (thought it would be difficult for such a long class) and all of the needed information was covered in the 6 hours as I did not look at any of the material prior to the class. I will definitely be in contact with you when it comes time to renew. Thanks again, JF"

"Daniel, I received my "Pass" letter from CPS earlier this week and wanted to again thank you and your dad for the excellent instruction I received on March 23. …keep on telling the jokes. They helped to sustain me through the rather dry subject matter." SB

I passed with an 87% score. Thanks for a good class and continue to reassure your notary candidates that your methods result in passing exam scores. I forwarded your information to my daughter who is interested in becoming a notary; you may see her in a class soon. Thanks, again. - BM

Hi, I passed the exam with a 91% score - thanks for the class. - SP

I passed!! 91% I can't believe it!! - DS

More Testimonials

"I received my results today: 100%. Thank you." BM

"I was just notified that I passed with a score of 100. Thank you. I really enjoyed the class and felt very confident taking the test." KR

YAY I got my results back today and I got a 95%!!! Thanks for everything! KA

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the great class today. You somehow managed to cover an immense amount of information but I never felt overwhelmed. Your real-world examples helped clear up most of my questions. Great job!- AB

Hey. Just wanted to let you know that I scored 100% on my test!! Thanks so much! - JH

Thank you for the great class. I got my test results 100% - KD

Well, I just wanted to let you know that under your expert tutelage I passed the exam with a 97% score. Thanks again for such a great class. I'll be sure to send anyone I know who needs to take the exam your way. - H.L.

Hi, I was in your November 12th class. Just wanted to let you know that I passed. Got a 97%! Thanks for the great teaching. - W. L.

Hi~ I received my test results in the mail (97% passing score) and was very pleased with the outcome. When I opened the envelope with the results there was a form attached for live-scan fingerprinting which I questioned since I had paid to have it done during class. I was politely informed that the State is having difficulty getting the live-scans done during classes properly input to their system. However, that was not the case with our class!! Mine was properly registered with the State so no further action was required on my part ~ thank you very much. Enjoyed the session and am very pleased with the results!! Sincerely, - C. H-S.

Hi, I passed my notary exam with a score of 96% thanks to your very informative and fun class! - B F

Hi, I passed with a 94%! Thank you for your course! It was fantastic to get everything taken care of in one day! Sincerely - H. N.

I just wanted to let you know that I scored a 93 on my notary examination. Your course did the trick! Thanks. - S. C.

Hello :) Just wanted to drop you an e-mail and let you know I scored a 93..... Thanks! - M L

I just wanted to let you know I passed the exam with a 93%. Thank you - J. W-M.

I just wanted to let you know I passed with flying colors (93%) and I could not have done without you. Your class is the best! Thanks for all you do. - TC

Hi, I got my test results this weekend. I got a 93. I was pleased. I sure feel better about what I do. Thanks again for your help. Good teacher--good grade! Take care. - C D

I only got a 91, I thought for sure after your class I would have aced it! As an apprentice instructor of 12 years I have to complement you on the class. It flowed great and time went by quickly. We had just enough discussion on some of the topics and you did a good job of pointing out what we needed to know. I'll recommend you in the future. Thanks - MS


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Hi, I passed my notary exam with a score of 96% thanks to your very informative and fun class! - BF