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About the State Exam

Beginning July 1, 2019, changes to the State Exam become effective, as follows.

The Exam has 45 multiple choice questions that are weighted;

  • some questions have a greater value than others

100 Points Total;

  • a score of 70 or better is needed to pass

Proctored Exam:

  • 60 minutes
  • Closed-book exam
    • you can write in the test booklet
  • Must use a #2 lead pencil to fill in the bubbles
  • Choose the best possible answer of the choices given.
  • For additional free pre-exam preparation, refer to our Blog and the At a Glance feature.

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“I took your 3-hour refresher course and I wasn't very confident after taking the test, but figured I only needed 70. I ended up with a score of 97. [Of course, I have no idea what question(s) I answered incorrectly.] Thank you for your help!” - K.R.