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As with most all professions, certain tools of the trade will be required to complete the duties of the job legally and properly.

The California Secretary of State also has certain requirements for the Notary Public: he/she must possess a Seal/Stamp, Journal of Notarial Records, Thumbprint Pad, Loose Leaf Acknowledgements and Jurats, and a Bond.

At the Academy of Notaries Public, we have everything you will need to complete the requirements of the office of Notary Public.

Purchase your tool and supply items Separately or in Packages.

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CA Secretary of State Requirements

  • Every California Notary Public is required to have:
    • 15k Surety Bond
    • Notary Public Seal/Stamp
    • Journal of Notarial Records
    • Thumbprint Pad
    • Loose Leaf:
      • Acknowledgment and
      • Jurat Forms.

Bond and Supply Packages

  • Our Packages Include:
    • 15k Surety Bond
    • PSI Notary Seal/Stamp
    • Errors and Omission Insurance
      • Choose from 15, 25, 50, and 100k.
    • Special Savings on Notary Journals with Package
      • In effect for the full four-year commission.
    • Starting at $140

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