Bonds and Supplies

All Bond Packages are good for the full four years of the Commission.

Shipped next business day to your physical address.

Sales Tax and Shipping and Handling apply.

As with most all professions, certain tools of the trade will be required to complete the duties of the job legally and properly.

The California Secretary of State also has certain requirements for the Notary Public: he/she must possess a Seal/Stamp, Journal of Notarial Records, Thumbprint Pad, Loose Leaf Acknowledgements and Jurats, and a Bond.

At the Academy of Notaries Public, we have everything you will need to complete the requirements of the office of Notary Public.

Purchase your tool and supply items Separately or in Packages.

Complete Bond Packages Include:

  • 15k Notary Surety Bond,
  • PSI Notary Seal/Stamp, and
  • Your choice of 15-100k Errors and Omissions Insurance.
    • Optional Journal

Choose a Package
15, 25, 50, or 100K E&O Insurance.

  • S&H $5.00

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Optional Journal of Notarial Events w/touch pad


Journal purchase only with a Bond Package.

  • Save Tax and Shipping and Handling

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Note: Journal will be added to the voucher. When complete the order and journal will be delivered to your address of choice.

Note: Bond Package Voucher will be sent via email. Mail the Voucher and the original "Certificate of Authorization to Manufacture Notary Public Seals" to our vendor. When complete the order will be delivered to the address you provide on the Voucher.

Seal/Stamps Purchased Separately

  • To obtain a Notary Public Seal/Stamp will require a
    "Certificate of Authorization to Manufacture Notary Public Seals"
    issued by the Secretary of State.

PSI Notary Seal/Stamp


A Great Seal

  • Pre-Inked
  • The PSI 2264 is capable of thousands of impressions.
  • Impression size is 1 inch x 2 3/4 inches.


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Sales Tax plus S&H $5.00

Slim Notary Stamp/Seal



  • PSI Pre-Inked Notary Seal/Stamp
  • The SLIM 2264 is capable of thousands of impressions.
  • Impression size is 1 inch x 2 3/4 inches.


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Sales Tax plus S&H $5.00

Handheld Embosser

Ideal-Seal-Chrome (002)


  • Notaries may use an embosser seal in addition to the rubber stamp.
    • Allow additional time for delivery.


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Sales Tax plus S&H $8.00

Seal/Stamp Requirements

  • Notaries are required to have and to use a seal/stamp on most notarized documents.
  • The Secretary of State issues Certificates of Authorization for a notary to obtain an official seal.
  • The notary can only purchase seals from an authorized manufacturer.
  • Legally, the seal must be photographically reproducible, thus the rubber seal has become universal.
    • If the embosser is not pre-inked, the notary must use rubber stamp seal addition to the embosser.

Modern Journal of Notarial Events

  • Geared to professional notaries/signing agents.
Look Inside
  • Ideal for signing agents.
  • Focused on loan signings and common notarial acts.
  • Using the combination notarial act/document type check-boxes saves time.
  • Features
    • Hard or Soft Dark Blue Cover, Durable Construction, Heavyweight Pages.
    • Check-boxes: Type of Notarial Acts and Documents, Method of Identity, Satisfactory Evidence (California).
    • 128 pages, 8 entries per page, 488 total entries.
    • Thumbprint Space.

Choose Either

  • Hard or soft cover Modern Journal only or with Touch Pad and SAVE!
    • S&H Applies

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Professional Notary Records Book™

  • One of the best soft cover Notary Records Book available.
Look Inside
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The Professional Notary Records Book™ offers:

  • Printed in USA
  • 96 Pages
  • 276 Transaction Records
  • Meets or Exceeds the requirements for all 50 states
  • Notary Terms and Definitions
  • Suggested Common Oral Ceremonies
  • Thumbprint Space.
  • More!

Choose Either:

  • Professional Journal with or without Pad and SAVE!

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Professional Touch Pads

  • The Professional Touch Pad is the same model used by banks and law enforcement agencies across the United States.
  • California Secretary of State requirement for all Real Property, Deeds, and Powers of Attorney Documents
  • Works with any journal paper.
  • High-quality fingerprints without the mess.
  • 1500 to 2000 prints
  • Black Professional Touch Pad.

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Notary Supplies Bags w/Combination Lock

  • Designed to meet the demands of notaries in all states.

Notary Supply Bag

  • Choose Black or Burgundy.
  • 10"x13" perfect for all your notary gear.

Easy to use combination lock

  • Set your own 3-digit combination
  • Flat black finish
  • Durable die-cast construction
  • Strong steel shackle
  • Combination can be re-set

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Jurats and Acknowledgments

  • Loose-leaf Notary Acts are required when the required California wording is incorrect.
Acknowledgments - Click to View
Jurats - Click to View
  • Sold in 50 page pads individually and in combo sets.
    • Choose a Pad or Combo
      • S&H $8.00

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Link to Notarial Documents

  • Have all the documents a notary may need ready to download and print from your computer or any device.
Notary Docs Link

Documents Included:

  • Jurat;
  • Acknowledgment;
  • Proof of Execution by a Subscribing Witness Certificate;
  • Certified Copies certificates;
  • 2020 Notary Public Handbook and more.
    • The Link will be delivered to your email.


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CA Secretary of State Requirements

Every California Notary Public is required to have:

15k Surety Bond
Notary Public Seal/Stamp
Journal of Notarial Records
Thumbprint Pads
Loose Leaf Notarial Acknowledgment and Jurat Forms

Purchase Supplies Separately or Packages

Notarial Supplies

  • Notary Supplies
    • Hardcover and Softcover Journals
    • Professional Thumbprint Pad
    • Locking Notary Bags
    • Jurats and Acknowledgments
      • Sold in 50 page pads individually and in combo sets.
    • Online Link to Notarial Documents

Notary Stamps/Seal

  • Notary Public Seal/Stamp
    • PSI Notary Seal/Stamp
    • Slim Notary Stamp/Seal
    • Handheld Embosser

Bond and Supply Packages

  • Our Packages Include:
    • 15k Surety Bond
    • PSI Notary Seal/Stamp
    • Errors and Omission Insurance
      • Choose from 15, 25, 50, and 100k.
      • All in effect for the full four-year commission.
    • Special Savings on Notary Journals with Package
    • Starting at $140

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