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Secretary of State Required Tools of the Trade.

Journal of Notarial Acts

  • Use of a journal and thumbprint pad is required by State Law for use by all notaries.

Hardcover and Softcover Journals
W/Cleanprint Thumbprint Pad.

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  • Sales Tax plus S&H $8.00

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Journal Information

  • Dark Blue Cover with Silver Foil Lettering,
  • Space for 496 individual entries.
  • Inkless thumbprint pad produces permanent, black prints in this journal.
    • The thumbprint pad doesn't leave any visible residue on your client's finger.

Jurats and Acknowledgments

  • Sold in 50 page pads individually and in combo sets.
    • Loose-leaf Notary Acts are required when the wording is incorrect.
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    • Sales Tax plus S&H $8.00

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Notary Kit

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  • Sales Tax plus S&H $12.00

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Kit Includes:

  • Hard Journal;
  • Cleanprint Thumbprint Pad;
  • 50-page Acknowledgment Pad;
  • 50-page Jurat Pad.

Fingerprint Pad

  • Inkless Thumbprint Pad
    • Will work with any paper
      • Sales Tax plus S&H $5.00


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Link to Notarial Documents

  • Have all the documents a notary may need ready to download and print from your computer or any device.

The Link will be delivered to your email.


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Documents Included:

  • Jurat;
  • Acknowledgment;
  • Proof of Execution by a Subscribing Witness Certificate;
  • Certified Copies certificates;
  • 2018 Notary Public Handbook and more.

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