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Secretary of State Required Tools of the Trade

Journal of Notarial Events

California Compliant for Professional Notaries and Signing Agents

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  • Hard or Soft Dark Blue Cover
  • The newest and most innovative notary journal available today.
    • Eight entries per page.
    • Checkboxes for ease.
    • Convenient thumbprint space.
    • Tamper-proof binding with Smythe-Sewn construction.
    • The 2" square pad size makes it easy to capture anyone's thumbprint.
      • Works with any journal paper.
  • Hard or Softcover
    • Includes square thumbprint pad.
      • Sales Tax plus S&H

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Professional Touch Pads

Thumbprint Pad Black
  • The Professional Touch Pad is the same model used by banks and law enforcement agencies across the United States.
  • Works with any journal paper.
  • High-quality fingerprints without the mess.
  • 1500 to 2000 prints
    • Sales Tax plus S&H
Thumbprint Pad Gray

Black or Gray Thumbprint Pad

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Modern Journal of Notarial Events

Geared to professional notaries/signing agents.

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  • Ideal for signing agents.
  • Focused on loan signings and common notarial acts.
  • Using the combination notarial act/document type check-boxes saves time.
  • Features
    • Hard or Soft Dark Blue Cover, Durable Construction, Heavyweight Pages.
    • Check-boxes: Type of Notarial Acts and Documents, Method of Identity, Satisfactory Evidence (California).
    • Thumbprint Space.
    • 128 pages, 8 entries per page, 488 total entries.

Modern Journal Only

  • Hard or Softcover
    • Sales Tax plus S&H

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Modern Journal with Touch Pad - Save!

  • Choose a Professional Touch Pad in Black or Gray
    • Sales Tax plus S&H

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Jurats and Acknowledgments

  • Choose a Pad or Combo
    • Sales Tax plus S&H $8.00

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Sold in 50 page pads individually and in combo sets.

  • Loose-leaf Notary Acts are required when the wording is incorrect.
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Link to Notarial Documents

  • Have all the documents a notary may need ready to download and print from your computer or any device.
    • The Link will be delivered to your email.


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Documents Included:

  • Jurat;
  • Acknowledgment;
  • Proof of Execution by a Subscribing Witness Certificate;
  • Certified Copies certificates;
  • 2020 Notary Public Handbook and more.

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