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Notary Resolutions for 2019

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

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Beginning a new year generally the individual declares this year I will… Within a short time this resolution is forgotten. As California Notaries we cannot forget that we are Keepers of the Books, thus we need to maintain our Journal of Notarial Acts with detail and accuracy.

This is easy to do by remembering we have a three-step process for any notarization: communicate with signer, properly identify the signer according to the Satisfactory Evidence (pages 8-9 of the SOS Handbook), and then the signer must sign the journal.

Each document requires its own line of details in the journal. Multiple signers for the same document, each must be properly identified and requires a separate line item. No ditto marks or other short cuts, complete details.

Happy Notarizing in the New Year!

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