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Responding to Secretary of State

Communicating with the Secretary of State

Communications between the Secretary of State and notaries public are to be made by certified mail, or the use of any other means of physical delivery that provides a receipt for these communications, (for example: FedEx, USPS, UPS).

Two Separate Duties

  • A notary public has two separate duties to respond to written requests of the California Secretary of State.
    1. Request for Information:
      • Upon receiving a written request for information relating to official acts performed by the notary public, he/she must respond by certified mail or any other means of physical delivery that provides a receipt within 30 calendar days.
    2. Certified Copies of the Journal:
      • Within the time specified in the written request by the California Secretary of State, a notary public must furnish certified copies of the entire or any portion of his or her notarial journal that is requested.

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